Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a Boat Latch / Catch or can I still use my current hand winching device on my trailer?

A “Drive On – Drive Off’ Trailer Boat has no need for a Hand winch – unless the motor of your boat fails and you have to physically winch your boat onto the trailer.

I have an older trailer, with standard non-self aligning Rollers. Do I need to change or add the Self Aligning Rollers?

In windy flowing current or wash from other boats close to the ramp, having self aligning rollers is a blessing!

As they guide the boat, to a centralised position on the Trailer, making the retrieval of your boat faster

Is there a minimum length, that my boat has to be, to use the principles featured here in Solo Boating with a Drive on Drive Off Boat.

If you drive your boat on and off your Trailer, then you can use this system.

How do I mount the ladder, when I have an obstacle to overcome in the position I need to mount the Base plates of the Cactus Ladder?

       IE: Installation of a Bow Access Ladder when the drawbar on your Trailer is not a square
             tubular version.

Transitioning with a custom made bracket piece to stradle the size and shape of your drawbar, which the Cactus Ladder will then bolt onto.

Top view, looking down onto the top of the drawbar, showing that the drawbar, is not symmetrical and therefore requires a transition plate to be made and fitted to the top part of the drawbar. The Cactus Ladder then mounts onto this transition plate, rather than using the supplied base plate for mounting.


This transition piece was custom made to “straddle” and bolt, to the natural non-symetrical shape of the drawbar of my trailer.