The Concept of Solo Boating
with a “Drive On – Drive Off”
Trailer Boat!

Over 40 years, I have progressed from “Fresh Water to Salt,” and from a punt to 14,’ 17’ and now a 23’ plate Centrecab. Along the way, I’ve had some big learning curves to conquer! Of the two latest ones, stepping up to Drive On – Drive Off, has now become "solo boating" in all conditions! All through, using in full combination, some great Aussie Inventions. So finally offshore and solo boating  ..... Oh Yeah! But now, I only have 1 – Game Fishing! The biggest J Curve!

           4 Key Elements, which used in combination, can make “1 person or Solo       
      Boating” possible with all “Drive On – Drive Off”  trailer boats!

1. Bow Access Ladder– to access your boat, prior to driving it on or off your trailer.

2. Using a Boat Lock Device – For automatic detachment or attachment of your
    Boat to the Trailer, when launching and retrieving your boat.

3. Trailer Rollers – Self Alignment of the Boat on the Trailer. IE Spring Loaded or Worm Rollers

4. Blind Spot removal or using a “Visual Device” - a way to line up the nose of your
    boat, with the middle of your trailer.

Solutions - How to obtain “Solo,
Dry foot Boating”
for yourself, –
With a “Drive on
– Drive Off” Trailer Boat

1. Cactus Bow Access Ladder

The Cactus Bow Access Ladder facilitates complete, from start to finish, “solo person” Launches (in under 3 minutes) and Retrievals (in under 4 minutes) of your boat on the Boat Ramp.

When launching your boat, the ladder removes the necessity for entering the water or trying to enter your boat by other methods, which can cause accidents and injuries.

The Cactus Bow Access Ladder assists with lining up your boat, to the stern of your Trailer therefore removing the “Blind Spot,”, when driving your boat onto the trailer – as the ladder becomes an aiming point, as you drive your boat onto the trailer, the Cactus Bow Access Ladder assists with the allignment of your boat up to the boat lock on your trailer – First Time Every Time!

2. Automatic Boat Lock on the Trailer

       There are a number of commercial devices, that automatically detach and attach your boat to your trailer.
It is personal choice, which brand that you choose to achieve this part of the process. There are varying attributes,
       with each device – so choose one that you feel, suits you and your application best.

If you already have a “Boat Lock Device” on your trailer, the Cactus Bow Access Ladder, is the perfect companion piece, when used in conjunction with the "Self Centring" of your boat on Rollers and the extra Vision, that the Cactus Ladder can provide.

3. Trailer Rollers – To Achieve Self Alignment of the boat on the trailer, when retrieving your boat

There are any number of commercial Trailer Rollers, there all have varying attributes, with each device – so choose one that you feel, suits you and your application best.

Older Trailers – can require the fitting of some form of Self Aligning Rollers or Centring Guides, (IE Alignment Devices) to allow your boat to self centre or be  guided onto the trailer.

Newer Trailers – when purchased now, usually, are sold with self aligning rollers as standard equipment.

Aligning Rollers, can be of beneficial assistance in either, wind, running current and fast flowing tidal conditions.

   Ark Corporation Ezi Guide (Boat Self Aligning System)

The EziGuide will simplify launching or loading and will always guide your boat safely to the centre of your trailer.

The Ezi Guide system can be fitted to, either an older trailer or a newer one , if they don’t come as part of your trailer purchase.

The following photos show, the use of the Ezi Guide Roller System on both the Bow and Stern of a trailer.


The Ezi Guide system is available for boats of varying lengths, but when you go to your stockist, look for the following part numbers.

Part # EG11 - 4.8 to 6.0m (16 to 20ft)
Part # EG13 - 6m to 8.5m (20 to 28ft)

Note: Lengths are guidelines only, all boats are manufactured to different standards in
length and weight.

When using the combination of a Cactus Bow Access Ladder and Self Aligning Rollers – the need to go into the water is removed, therefore removing the potential for common boat ramp injuries.

4. “Blind Spot” removal – or a Visual Device

         Different size boats will have their own “Blind Spot Distance”.

A Cactus Bow Access Ladder on its own, as a stand alone, can assist with the removal of the “Blind Spot” – due to aligning of the Bow of your boat with the Bow Access Ladder.

Another way of achieving this, but it it is up to personal choice and expense, is to purchase a magnetized miniature camera which is mounted on the winch post or Drawbar of your Trailer.

This camera shows, with the use of a mini screen, the “Blind Spot” between the bow of the boat and the trailer on approaching the boat trailer perfectly.

The camera allows you, to watch “the lining up of your boat, with your trailer centreing device for that last 30-40 feet distance of unknown “blind spot,” until the capture of your boat, within the “Boat Allignment Roller System.