Choosing and Installation

Choosing and Installation
of a Cactus Bow
Access Ladder

How do I select a Ladder Height to suit my Boat?

The Cactus Bow Access Ladder, has been designed to universally approximately, cover the “Trailer Drawbar to Gunwale “heights of either 4 Feet, 5 Feet or 6 Feet in height for most boats.

It is up to personal choice, which Ladder size that you may choose to suit your boats situation.  

NOTE: When the Stainless Steel Ladder rungs are in Automatic mode (IE the vertically closed position) – there is an extra “Vision height” extension above the top of the Ladder Pole of 2 inches – 50 mm.

Your selection of Ladder length, must ideally allow for the “ladder post” to be visible above the gunwale of your boat.

But, if the ladder height is close to the gunwale, but the height of the ladder post falls below the gunwale – then it would be advisable to put some form of “visible marker extension,” on the top of the Ladder post itself – to still see the top of the Ladder post above the gunwale when retrieving your boat – thus keeping the “Vision” of where the Blind spot is, between your boat and trailer on retrieval.

NOTE: Ideally a Ladder must be higher in height, than your “Gunwale,” to use as the aiming target on your Trailer. But if the purchasable size, is to tall for your boat and the ladder will get in the way. Purchase a smaller ladder and attach an extension piece (IE a flag or some form of marking device to aim for when retrieving your boat)

It is personal choice, where the top rungs of the ladder, can be to the decking of your boat! Either as close or as far as comfortably possible, without touching the boat itself according to what makes you comfortable when you are climbing onto your boat.


Measurements – to choose the height of the Ladder you require


                                                            316 High Grade Stainless Steel Ladder    

Cactus Stainless Steel Height to Top of post Base to Top Rung Rung to Rung Rise Canvas Bag
4 Foot 4’3”
1300 mm
1140 mm
280 mm Included
5 Foot 5’2”
1570 mm
1420 mm
280 mm Included
6 Foot 6’1”
1850 mm
1700 mm
280 mm Included


The Cactus Bow Access Ladder comes (as standard) a base mounting plate, for the underside of the drawbar, a mounting plate that will fit the drawbar sizes of 2” (50 mm), 3” (75 mm) and 4” (100 mm ) drawbars.

Please note: For non-symmetrical shaped drawbars, please see the section in Frequently Asked Questions